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What This Is About

There is a development proposal before council for number 26 Old Bathurst Road adjacent to the historic Rockcorry cottages.

The proposed building is 500 sq metres, with a 50 metre bushfire clearance zone encircling it. It will be 47 metres in length, and 8 metres in height. The clearance zone is one quarter of the block size, and will destroy the habitat of native animals including the Glossy Black Cockatoos and will damage the historic road remains. It will also create a visual eyesore which will be visible for kilometres given its placement on the top of the hill.

This proposal raises important issues, including:


For copyright reasons current plans cannot be included on this site. You can view the plans here.
To access enter DA Application # X/1033/2010.



Main Points About This Proposal

The project is flawed and totally un-acceptable from a heritage, environmental, bushfire and local amenity perspectives. It should be rejected.

Whilst not as visually intrusive as previously proposed (ie, no tower), it still sits at the north-east corner of that land when more appropriate options are available that have much less impact (outlined at the end).

We therefore suggest the proposal for No 26 Old Bathurst Road Woodford (X/1033/2010) as submitted is unacceptable – and should be refused – for substantial grounds including heritage impacts, vegetation impacts, bushfire risk and local amenity.

Alternative development option

Nevertheless, recognising that the land has been zoned to permit a house, we suggest that if Council is minded to approve something, it could be re-located more centrally to the eastern side of the lot. This would shield it visually from the heritage items plus protected from winds and bushfire plus not require access or changes to Cox’s Road. It would require access cutting through the heathland, but we are strongly of the opinion that this is of lesser consequence overall than what has been proposed (which would also effect the heathland, plus more). Such a relocation would have multiple advantages:

Take action:

To object to this desecration of Woodford e-mail or write to Gary Chalmers,
Environmental and Customer Services Group,
Blue Mountains City Council
Locked Bag 1005
Katoomba, NSW 2780
quoting Building Application No. X/1033/2010 - No. 26 Old Bathurst Road, Woodford.


Blue Mountains Council Local Environment Plan (LEP) information

Further reading:

Selected excerpts from: Survey and Assessment of Cox's (1814) Road Between Woodford Railway Station and Linden Railway Station March-October 1994. William N Evans J.P. Engineering Surveyor Roads and Traffic Authority N.S.W. Available at Mitchell Library: Call No.: Q994.45/48