Historic Cox's Road

There is a development proposal before council for number 26 Old Bathurst Road adjacent to the historic Rockcorry cottages.

The proposed building is 407 sq metres, with a 50 metre bushfire clearance zone encircling it. It will be 47 metres in length, and 8.5 metres in height. The clearance zone is one quarter of the block size, and will destroy the habitat of native animals including the Glossy Black Cockatoos and will damage the historic road remains. It will also create a visual eyesore which will be visible for kilometres given its placement on the top of the hill.

Cox's Road was the first road constructed to cross the Blue Mountains. The project began in 1814 and was completed within two years. No section is more steeped in historic interest than the three miles between the quiet villages of Linden and Woodford. This section features extensive sections of Cox's Road. Part of this historic road is now under threat from development.

More Images of Cox's Road - highway side.
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